Medical Writing Jumpstart


The first pharmacist-focused course with the exact process you need to write meaningful content and start your successful medical writing business

Empower yourself to transcend the traditional pharmacy boxes

Use your unique and valuable

Gain financial success using your
existing skills 

You can have a successful career in medical writing…


  • No matter which college you went to
  • No matter your credentials (Yes, even without a PharmD!
  • Even if you’ve never published or written a medical piece before
  • Even if you don’t know how to start or what you would write about

Milena M


I am so glad that I did not let the little bit of knowledge that I had get in the way of the doors that the Medical Writing Jumpstart has opened for me. I would highly recommend this course regardless of the amount of experience with medical writing that you have.

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Medical Writing Jumpstart

Why should you choose Medical Writing Jumpstart

  • You will have access to the exact process needed to be successful in medical writing so you can focus on growing your business and revenue
  • You won’t haphazardly create content and waste time researching the wrong things. You will know how to efficiently develop a medical writing piece that doesn’t take forever and interfere with the rest of your life
  • Creating a medical writing business without guidance is a great way to set yourself up to waste time and learn things the hard way. You’ll see exactly what to do to perform proper research, efficiently write, and successfully become a published medical writer
  • Whether you have never heard of a company that hires a medical writer or not, you will know the process needed to acquire new gigs easily that you can implement in your own way

We’ve all been here before. We’ve walked out of a continuing education conference, or a class, or finished a book and felt motivated to take action

Now, consider what happened a few days after that moment…


Did the motivation last?


That’s what Medical Writing Mastery is designed to do - we need a little help, guidance on this journey to keep us focused on doing the important work instead of becoming discouraged or distracted

I won’t lie, becoming a medical writer requires time and hard work (just like your pharmacy degree) … and if it were super easy, everyone would do it!


But, that’s why I created Medical Writing Mastery – to help you move past the pitfalls and barriers so you can learn from my mistakes and start medical writing now!

If you’ve taken your time to read this, it’s clear you’re ready to make a change – it’s time to invest in you and bet on yourself!


You have three choices:


1) You can continue believing becoming a medical writer happens to people in the right place, with the right connections, certifications, more degrees, and more experience

2) You can tell yourself “I’ll make it happen on my own.” Will that day ever come?




3) You can make a decision - to follow a proven plan, with our tested techniques that help pharmacists become medical writers, get paid for your creations, and feel satisfied that you’re contributing to something bigger



If you are ready to stop dreading the work week and start feeling excited about the work you are doing while running a successful business then let’s get started today!

Your Instructor

Dr. Brittany Hoffmann-Eubanks is the Founder and CEO of Banner Medical LLC and a native of the Chicago-land-area in Illinois. Banner Medical combines her passion for writing with her medical background as a pharmacist. Brittany is an expert in the development of medical writing content for both healthcare providers and consumers and the course creator of Medical Writing Mastery, which helps pharmacists start their medical writing careers.

Brittany earned her Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration degrees from Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 2012. After graduate school, she completed a Post-Graduate-Year-1 Community Pharmacy Residency, where she earned her teaching-and-learning certificate, dedicated herself to patient-centered pharmacy care, and learned the business of pharmacy. It was during her residency year that Brittany discovered her passion for education and desire to be an entrepreneur.

Brittany currently works as a pharmacist in charge and clinical pharmacist within the community pharmacy setting. She enjoys precepting student pharmacists and helping to prepare them for their future careers as pharmacists. In her free time, Brittany loves to travel with her husband and family, and play with her two dogs. Brittany also enjoys giving back to the profession of pharmacy and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Illinois Pharmacists Association. In 2018, Brittany was awarded the Edmond P. Barcus Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award for her service to the Illinois Pharmacists Association.

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